About us

Working Group Smart City Basel

The administration is working with the Smart City-approach across all governmental departments. Under the lead of the Office of Cantonal and Urban Development, the interdepartmental working group Smart City Basel coordinates initiatives and projects concerning this cross-sectoral topic, thus establishing a coherent and integral approach to Smart City.

The following offices are represented in the working group (April 2019):

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Cooperations and Partnerships

Together with our partners, we develop ideas and implement solutions for the citizen of Basel. Depending on the nature of the project, a variety of governmental, semigovernmental and private organisations as well as interested citizen collaborate on the creation of new projects.

We’ve partnered up with the following organisations and are open to further partnerships:

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Basel has joined several associations in the field of Smart City, enabling dialogue with other cities and regional players and regularly attends meetings of interest groups in the field:

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